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This post continues some of the reflections on the potential for nuclear to play a role in the supply of low carbon energy. Here we are considering the adequacy of uranium supplies. Let’s start with estimates of global uranium reserves… According to the Nuclear Energy Agency’s Red Book, there is 5.5 million tones of conventional […]

Picking up on a previous post (can we supply low carbon energy to 9 billion people) which highlighted the potential importance of next generation nuclear power if we are to meet the world’s energy needs with low carbon energy sources, I wanted to take a closer look at the practicalities and the realities of nuclear […]

For some time I’ve been thinking about the question – how will we deliver low carbon energy to the 9 billion people that will be living on this planet in 2050? I mean, that’s the crux of addressing global climate change isn’t it? I’ve been astonished at how difficult it is to navigate through all […]

In January 2008, the European Commission tabled a new Directive on renewable energy, which is intended to replace the existing measures adopted in 2001. EU Governments reached agreement on the proposed text on 9 December 2009, and the European Parliament adopted the Directive on 17 December 2009. The Directive requires EU Governments to increase the […]

The EIA has just published its review of the US power sector in 2007. It contains a very interesting statistic…in 2007 the majority of new power installed came from renewable sources (predominantly wind). A total of 8.6GW of new power was installed in 2007 with around 5GW coming from wind. Almost all the rest of […]