Hello, my name is Craig Windram and I’ve been working in the climate change field for 15 years now.

This blog is a way to help me think about the key issues concerning climate change.

Global Energy Futures – In 2050 there will be 9 billion people living on the planet, all of whom will need access to secure, affordable energy. Is it possible to provide affordable, low carbon energy to so many people? And if so, what technologies, policies, infrastructure and investment will be needed to achieve this goal?

Climate Change, Technology & Innovation – New technology and innovation will be essential if we are to radically cut global GHG emissions over the long term. What technologies will we need and how do we overcome the barriers to their commercialization and deployment?

Workable Climate Change Policy – Climate change polices have been put in place in most developed countries around the world – some have been more effective than others. What climate change policies actually work and how could they be replicated – case studies and lessons we can learn to help us achieve radical long term GHG emission reductions.

Climate Change and Markets – The carbon market created by international climate change regulation is worth more than US$120 billion per year and growing. But are markets the solution? Do emissions trading schemes really deliver emission reductions? And how much trading is too much trading?

Emerging Economies & Low Carbon Growth – The challenge of low carbon growth for emerging economies. How do emerging economies like Brazil, Russia, India and China reduce poverty, improve living standards and expand their economies without increasing per capita emissions? What approaches, technologies, policies, institutions and investments will be needed?

Climate Change and Poverty – Climate change will have a greater effect on the poor than on the rich. How will climate change impact the poor? Is it really possible to have less poverty and less GHG emissions? What are the ethical dimensions of this equation?

Climate Change and Adaptation – We will certainly experience some level of climate change between now and 2050. What will this mean for nations and societies, how will we adapt and what institutions and policies will be needed?

For more information on my professional background take a look here.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. 2 Jung, Jonghan

    Mr Craig, This is a wonderful site!!

    Have a nice day

    From Korea

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