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Fluorescent lights require ballasts that help the lamps to start and then control the current flowing through the lamp; electromagnetic ballasts were the conventional ballast technology in the 1960s. Solid state electronic ballasts, developed in the 1970s and 1980s, improve the energy efficiency of fluorescent lights by 15% to 30%, but initially failed to gain […]

While everyone is talking about EUA prices, it’s the volumes that we should be watching. They give us the clearest sign yet that the carbon market is evolving towards a genuine commodity market. If we take a look at EUA volumes (thanks to the tireless work of Michael Szabo at ThomsonReuters) you will see that […]

Strip casting technology is a new technology that significantly improves the casting and rolling of steel slab into final products. It has application in primary steel production, where it can deliver significant cost advantages over the existing casting technology. Strip casting technology has a number of advantages over conventional casting technologies. First, the capital expenditure […]