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Picking up on a previous post (can we supply low carbon energy to 9 billion people) which highlighted the potential importance of next generation nuclear power if we are to meet the world’s energy needs with low carbon energy sources, I wanted to take a closer look at the practicalities and the realities of nuclear […]

I’ve recently returned from India and have been reflecting on the scale of the challenge that the country faces to reduce its growth in GHG emissions. Below are a few observations on the scale of the challenge and possible low carbon options. In discussing these options, please be assured that I am not ignoring the […]

I thought it would be interesting to compare the EU ETS and the EU RE Directive and consider which of these initiatives will have the greatest impact on CO2 emissions and investment within the EU by 2020? This is not a detailed economic assessment, so I accept that the comparison is not the most rigorous, […]