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For some time I’ve been thinking about the question – how will we deliver low carbon energy to the 9 billion people that will be living on this planet in 2050? I mean, that’s the crux of addressing global climate change isn’t it? I’ve been astonished at how difficult it is to navigate through all […]

For me, there is little doubt, that the future of private transport, at least in Europe, is electric. I said that I would return to this subject: so, what would be the consequences of an electric transport system? 1./ Increase demand for renewable energy sources. To supply the entire UK private transport fleet with renewable […]

I thought it would be instructive to look at the treatment of CERs/ERUs under the EU ETS, with a view to the light this sheds on demand and supply within the EU ETS. CERs and ERUs are eligible under the EU ETS – but the quantity of CERs/ERUs that can be used for compliance are […]

In January 2008, the European Commission tabled a new Directive on renewable energy, which is intended to replace the existing measures adopted in 2001. EU Governments reached agreement on the proposed text on 9 December 2009, and the European Parliament adopted the Directive on 17 December 2009. The Directive requires EU Governments to increase the […]

Over the last half of 2008 EUA and CER prices declined markedly. EUAs prices have fallen from their mid-2008 high of €30 to their current levels of just under €12; while CERs have fallen from their mid-year highs of €24 to current levels just above €10. The spread between EUA and CER prices has also […]

The EIA has just published its review of the US power sector in 2007. It contains a very interesting statistic…in 2007 the majority of new power installed came from renewable sources (predominantly wind). A total of 8.6GW of new power was installed in 2007 with around 5GW coming from wind. Almost all the rest of […]