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New Carbon Finance have recently come out with their estimate of the size of the carbon market in 2008 – and it was US$118 billion. That prompted me to revisit some work I did in 2003 on the size of the carbon market. At that time, I estimated the size would be US$150 billion by […]

The headline in the UK Daily Mail the other day… “Sea will rise ‘to levels of last Ice Age‘”. Okay, that makes an impact. And as I’m no climate scientist, and I still have some faith (call me stupid) in the respected tradition of journalism, I’m going to believe this. But, thanks to Real Climate, […]

The answer – at least as far as private transport in Europe over the next two decades is concerned – is electric. The reasons why? 1./ Electric is less emissions intensive. Based upon the existing UK grid mix, electric vehicles have a well to wheel emissions intensity of about 80gCO2/km. In contrast, hydrogen vehicles have […]